Bionic NXTPod 3.0

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1 09 2011
Karan Hiremath

Cool project!

I just had a few questions: Why did you choose to use the Light Sensor Communication as opposed to say Bluetooth Communication? You have only 1 slave so bluetooth would work for communication between the Master and Slave and the communication works 2 ways so the Master can recieve a message back when the Slave has finished its task. I’m guessing it might be because of some delay in communications but there is a slight delay in your current method as well…

1 09 2011

Thank you! To answer your questions: I don’t know how to do bluetooth, and I liked the idea of flashing lights :). I agree that bluetooth would probably be a load faster, and I wanted to try using it. The problem was I didn’t have time to learn it (I was moving to the US, so I had to take it apart :()

21 09 2011

I like it!

5 01 2012
Sikko Medema

on rebricks you say it is 100% Lego but i van clearly see tape!
but that doesen’t mather cuase iets si cool!!!

5 01 2012
Leon (dimastero)

I didn’t post it on there, but I didn’t have the tape on there until last night, because the wire kept on tangling. But thanks for the feedback!

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